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Spreading the Holiday Racism…Courtesy of Right Wing Conservatives

‘Tis the season to be jolly…or as right wing conservatives would have it: ’tis the season to be racist and to spread hatred.  Humanevents.com, a website which deems itself as the “headquarters of the conservative underground” is promoting the right wing’s newest shot at sick, racist humor, a holiday song parody titled “Illegals in my Yard”, which is set to the tune of “Feliz Navidad”.  The song is rampant with Latino stereotypes as drunken freeloaders who escaped from border patrol and are out to spread disease and to take down Lou Dobbs (you can view the lyrics here, but please keep a brown bag nearby, as you may just hurl).

“Feliz Navidad” was originally written and composed by Jose Feliciano who intentionally used both English and Spanish for his holiday song, as a way to “create a bridge between two wonderful cultures during the time of year in which we hope for goodwill toward all.”  Leave it to the right wing to take this well-intentioned Christmas song and turn it into a way to spread their hateful, racist agenda. 

Earlier in the year, the Republican National Committee released a “humorous” parody of “Puff the Magic Dragon”, and called it “Barack the Magic Negro”.  Though there was considerable backlash from those who saw past the “oh it’s just fun and games” excuse, the RNC refused to apologize.  Why apologize?  It’s just the right wing conservatives’ miserably failed attempt at “humor”.  There is unlikely any feelings of shame or remorse coming from the right wing for creating and circulating such parodies of popular songs.  According to right wing conservatives, racist “humor” is apparently alright, so long as it is “humor” aimed towards Latino Americans and African Americans.  And, if you cannot laugh at it and brush it off as good fun and humor, you must not be able to take a joke, right?  You must not be funny, and you must not have a sense of humor, right?

How do we address this type of “humor”, especially when it is created and perpetuated by those men who are racially, economically and authoritatively in posititions of power?  If they refuse to recognize and confront their own racism due to an enormous sense of hubris and denial, how do we respond?  Though the answers to these questions are difficult, they are important for us to discuss.  So I open this up to you: how do we deal with this particular type of racism?


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“Wow, you speak such good English!”

I work in retail.  This means that I am constantly interacting with a large variety of people and making small talk with people who hold a wide range of beliefs, views and opinions.  Though most of these chats are superficial and consist of little more than simple careless exchanges of “how are you?” “good, how are you?” “good!” … “have a good day” “thanks, you too!”, I sometimes have more in-depth conversations — though often superficial conversations — with customers who typically have no where to go.  I can’t complain too much because I must admit, I enjoy these short conversations with strangers who sometimes make me giggle, sometimes make me happy, sometimes make me think, or even rarely make me angry.  My favorite is when these “stranger conversations” make me think.

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard a person say to me, “Wow, you speak such good English!”  I always cringe a little as a small piece of me dies inside when I hear this, but I am not at all surprised.  It’s the curse of being an Asian American (or a Latino/a American) — that is, the curse of being seen by the general majority (read: White Americans) as the Perpetual Foreigner.  Because I look “different”, I am automatically deemed as an alien, or as a foreigner, in the eyes of those who look like the idea of the White American.  I am seen as someone who must have immigrated or relocated to the United States from some sort of second class society or third world country in search of a better life.  I am seen as someone who must be fluent in my “native language” and who is struggling to quickly learn English for easier assimilation into American society.  This Perpetual Foreigner view instills into the minds of White Americans that I, along with all other brown skinned Americans, must be from somewhere outside of the United States, and thus, must speak English with some sort of accent.  This is why it surprises White people that I “speak English so well!”.

The United States is a country built on immigrants.  Its citizens are a blend of people of a myriad of differing ethnicities who have ancestry tracing back to a vast number of nationalities.  Unfortunately, very early on in the process of settling and establishing the United States, the concept of race was invented by those who deemed themselves “Whites” (and therefore better than those who were deemed “Non-Whites”), thus beginning the institution of systemic racism.  This invention proved to be extremely beneficial to “Whites” — they were able to control and hold power over every aspect of the development of the United States at the expense of those “Non-Whites”, or “Others”.  This invention grew as the institution of it forcefully expanded, creating what we know today as the United States of America.

What does all this have to do with me being seen as the Perpetual Foreigner?  What does it have to do with White people proclaiming to me “Wow, you speak such good English!”?  The fact is, within this framework, when a White American looks at a person of color and immediately thinks to him or herself, that person must be an immigrant or i wonder where that person is from, this White American is subconsciously thinking American is White.  Within this frame of thought, there is no room for people of color in the United States, and there is absolutely no room for racism to die.

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